What kind of flooring do you need?


Wake forest tile bathroom work tile trenzPeople often want to make changes to their home’s flooring but are not sure what to get. While most people like carpet in the bedrooms and often the living room or family room, they want other materials in other rooms of the home. Tile Trenz has a range of flooring products that will please most homeowners.


While we specialize in tile products, we also install beautiful pre-finished hardwood floors. This is a good way to get the look of real hardwood fairly quickly. While there are a lot of stores that will recommend laminate flooring that looks like wood, the fact is these products are not the same. Laminate can look very nice but it’s not wood. We have a lot of experience installing pre-finished hardwood floors and have a range of quality products. Today’s pre-finished wood floors are fairly easy to care for. Come visit us at Tile Trenz and we can show you how easy this is.


Some homes look great with tile flooring or natural stone. Tile Trenz has dozens of different tiles that can be set on a pattern like a diagonal, with an inlaid border or an accent such as a compass rose. We have tumbled travertine, terrazzo, mosaic, and porcelain tile as well as a range of other products. Because our company has a long history of tile expertise through several generations, we can match you with the type of tile that best suits your taste and style.


People that choose either pre-finished wood or tile or stone floors may find some unexpected benefits. Solid surface floors like these that are cleaned weekly with products like dry dust mops are usually easier to keep clean than carpeting. This is especially true for households with kids and pets. One bonus is that these floors do not hold in pet dander or plant pollen like carpeting can. This may be helpful to people that have allergies.


Come to Tile Trenz today to pick out your new flooring. We can show you both pre-finished wood and a wide range of tile and stone flooring.