A person’s style can tell a lot about them. Some people are more conventional and conservative. Others may be more artistic. Many people are middle of the road but want a unique look in their home. Tile Trenz has the right products to help people get the right style details for any home.


Many homes here in North Carolina follow traditional styling that has a tie back to the early English settlers. People here often love the look of the deep reddish brown tone of cherry wood. This type of wood is often found in kitchen cabinets or furniture styles of the people that live here. Homes with a traditional style theme can benefit from having pre-finished hardwood flooring as this can help tie different rooms together. Tile Trenz has a range of beautiful pre-finished hardwoods in a range of styles and colors.



Many people favor European flair when they purchase a home in the Raleigh-Durham area. It is not uncommon to find homes that have a distinct French country look. These homes often have wide-plank hardwood floors in the public areas of the home such as great room or dining room and kitchens. Tile Trenz has done dozens of floors like these for clients.

European styling is also found in the form of a Mediterranean style. Travertine tile is one of the favorites for people that love the Tuscan look. This neutral beige stone has the subtle color differences that are unique to each piece. It can be used in most areas of the home and is also used for bathrooms for shower surrounds, backsplashes and near tubs. When set on a diagonal, it can give a very unique look and can be enhanced with accents like small granite tiles or mosaic glass tile.

Those looking for a classic look may want something as simple as a white subway tile backsplash. People that love to cook like this look because it is always fresh and bright as well as easy to clean.


Tile Trenz is a family-owned business that has helped many people to get the exact look for their homes no matter what their style. Come visit our show room today to get started on your remodel or construction of your dream home.