Modern & Traditional


Tile has come a long way and is certainly not your parents tile anymore.

Tile now can have the appearance of metal or wood or even be made of glass or stone, while also offering the classic style.

Tile has literally been used for centuries.

In fact, ornate tile has even been found in archaeological excavations.

When you choose tile for your home, you are choosing the best surface for your home that is time-tested.

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Tile & Air Quality


Tile is one of the healthiest surfaces you can have in your home.

When properly cared for and maintained, it repels moisture.

Also, germs & bugs have no place to hide!

“When it comes to the bathroom, there is no better surface than tile.”


First and foremost, tile offers unmatched ability to repel water and mold, when properly cared for.

When you add in the wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, tile is the perfect choice for your bath and shower area.

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Stone Tile


Stone tile presents a beautiful option for thise who prefer a natural look and feel in their home.

Now, you can enjoy the natural beauty of stone in your home along with the affordability and easy-to-install nature of natural stone.

Stone tile offers a natural ambiance that only stone can provide.


One aspect of tile that is so appealing is that it comes in so many shapes, sizes and textures.

This apples to stone tile also. From the rough, natural look and feel to smooth, polished stone, you have a variety of choices.