Raleigh area Tile Trenz may be the solution for your quick kitchen or bathroom remodel!

Common in many households, ceramic tiles are durable, stain, water and heat resistant and almost scratch-proof. Slightly more expensive than laminates, ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns, are attractively priced, and can even be repaired with little difficulty.

Tile is often used on counters in kitchens and in bathrooms, offering a smooth surface that is easily maintained.  The decorative qualities offered in ceramic tile are distinctive and warm, bringing color, texture and pattern along with practical use.

Based in the bustling Raleigh area of Wake Forest, NC, Tile Trenz specializes in flooring, countertops, installation and fabrication. We specialize in working with mediums such as tile, marble, granite and offer pre-finished hardwood flooring installation. Whether you are building your new home or remodeling your current home, Tile Trenz is able to help you.

We offer free consultations for local customers and work with residential and commercial contracts. Please view our gallery displaying our custom tile work that ranges from small to large creations.

As a family owned business, we invite you into our design studio to discuss your budget, your needs and develop a plan of how we can create the vision you want for your home or business. Please contact us today for your personal consultation.