How to use color to create a bathroom oasis


People often dream of remodeling their bathrooms to create a private oasis. This is something that many people have been able to accomplish by changing some features such as updating the vanity and sink area. With some new paint on the walls and by changing the countertop to some type of stone or custom tile, people have been able to completely change the looks of this room. Tile Trenz, a local Raleigh company, has extensive experience in making this type of dream come true. Tile Trenz has a full selection of not only granite, but also engineered stone products such as Silestone. They also have a huge selection of tile of all kinds.


Another thing that people often do to update baths is to change the shower enclosure or the bathtub surround. Many people like the Tuscan look and use travertine, or travertine style, tiles to get this look. Some favor the look of this beautiful stone on its own while others incorporate some sort of decorative detail that can range from a modern glass tile mosaic inset to black granite squares set on a diagonal for a dramatic look. Tile Trenz has dozens of different ideas to provide inspiration or they can work with ideas that the clients provide. Besides the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham areas, this company also helps homeowners in Garner, Clayton, and Morrisville to get just the right look.


People may find that the only hard part about getting a fresh look for their bath is deciding on what materials they would like to use. With options for glass tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, travertine, terrazzo, marble, granite and other materials, it can sometimes be hard to decide which one you like the best. In many cases, different materials can be used on floors, countertops and surrounds yet create a harmonious and unique look.


No matter if people want a bath that looks like a spa or one that belongs in a farmhouse, Tile Trenz has the expertise to design the perfect room for you. They can show you how using different colors can give different looks to the same room. Call them today to meet with one of their designers and get started on your way to that perfect dream bath.



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