Tile Trenz can show you how granite can not only beautify your home but also make it more attractive to buyers. While some people might think that granite is expensive, that is not always true. It depends on the style of granite. Some patterns and colors being somewhat rare or harder to find may be priced accordingly. People will find that many of the different kinds of granite are very attractively priced when compared with other kinds of countertops.


It’s hard to say what the best feature is about this product. It always looks upscale and luxurious, even when used in small amounts. People like it because it has personality, especially when people choose the varieties that have veining or lines in it. It is easy to care for, requires no real special care and looks good for a very long time. It is also one thing that will set your home apart, especially if you are in a housing tract in or near the city of Raleigh or nearby areas like Wake Forest or Wakefield where many of the homes are very similar.


Another great feature is that unlike tile, there are no grout lines to clean if you use solid surface granite instead of granite tiles. This helps keep your home nicer looking and easier to clean over time. This helps to save time for busy families.