Granite Care 101 – Should you seal it?


People sometimes would like to get a granite countertop for their kitchen or bathroom but worry about having to seal it.  They might have heard that this stone is high maintenance. This isn’t true.


In general, it may be a good idea to seal this product once in a while. Most people will want to do this when they first get it. Others may do it once a year. This is not a very difficult task as it’s easy and takes just a couple of minutes. It usually involves spraying on a special product then wiping off the residue. The team at Tile Trenz has considerable experience with granite can give people advice on how to care for this beautiful natural stone.


Most of the time, cleaning this stone with a damp paper towel is all that is needed. If there is something sticky or greasy on it, a mild dish soap and water will likely do the trick. There are some commercial granite cleaners that people can use if they feel the need for something a little stronger. Some of these have the bonus of also acting as a sealing agent.


Another concern that people might have about sealing and granite is how porous the material is. Some stone from different countries is thought to be a little more porous than others but how the granite is finished and polished at the quarry also has some bearing on this. Most types are highly resistant to moisture.


Anyone that is considering this material for their home will want to talk to the experts at Tile Trenz. With extensive experience in providing stone, tile and flooring services to people in the Raleigh area, as well as Chapel Hill and Durham, it’s easy to find just the right type of granite for your home.


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