Fireplace stone work tile trenz wake forest and raleigh areas exampleDo you have a love-hate relationship with your home?


Many people won’t admit it, but they might have a love-hate relationship with their home. They may love the neighborhood, floor plan or size of their home. But they secretly hate something about the home. The good news is that many things like this are easy to change. Tile Trenz has the answers for things like this.


Some of the biggest complaints we have heard lately are about fireplaces. People love the idea of having a fireplace because of being able to have a wood fire or light the gas logs to warm up a room on a chilly night. Families like the tradition of being able to hang the children’s stockings up at Christmas time. Some people like the mantle because it can be a good place for favorite photos or even holiday decorations. But they may hate this space if its red brick or even the older types of stone that date the house.


If you have the traditional red brick that you would like to update or even that 1970’s style stone facing on your fireplace, Tile Trenz can show you how to modernize your fireplace. We can use natural stone like this as a beautiful way to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. Some people like the idea of having a TV above the fireplace like this. Of course, our designers have dozens of other ways to use stone or tile to change the look of your fireplace. Come visit our showroom to see how we have designed custom looks for others.


People often get a new house in the Raleigh-Durham area. They may live in it a while and want to change some of the builder-grade features. One of the ways we have helped to change the look of a home was by changing the flooring in the shower stall like this or possibly this. Using tile or natural stone on the floor of a shower can give it a one of a kind look.


Many homeowners in the Raleigh area such as those in Apex, Wake Forest, Durham and nearby areas have had Tile Trenz make changes to their homes using tile, stone, and natural wood flooring. We have helped many people to end that love-hate feeling and just get to that love part.


Come over for a visit today. The designers at Tile Trenz will be glad to discuss your ideas for changes to your home as well as show you some new ones.