Consider natural stone for lasting and unique design


Natural stone can be one of the best ways to beautiful a home. Most people would consider using marble, travertine, granite or other stone to be a permanent fixture in the home, thus providing great value for the price.


At Tile Trenz, we have experience in using a variety of different kinds of stone in many rooms of the home. The ways it can be used are virtually unlimited; use it where you would use any kind of flooring, counter tops or a backsplash. It can be used in most places where you might otherwise consider tile. Take a look at some of the projects we have done using stone tile.


Some of the stone types that we have are:


Granite – the hardest stone for countertops. Resists stains, scratching and heat. We have a large color selection that has different kinds of patterns and grain.


Marble – has a timeless and classic look. Its elegant look is perfect for bathrooms, fireplaces and furniture tops. Many people like to use it in the kitchen.


Soapstone – this stone has a vintage look and is heat resistant. It acquires a unique patina over time.


Limestone – a good choice for low traffic areas. Warm and inviting, it sometimes has fossils, which make for a one of a kind look.


Onyx – gives a very contemporary look and can be backlit if a translucent type. Many stunning colors and patterns make it a good match for baths, fireplaces and furniture tops.


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