When the time comes to change or remodel your home, you will want to checkout what Tile Trenz can do to help you design your backsplash. This is one detail that can give your home a distinct personality.


Tile can be a great choice for homes in and around the city of Raleigh. This can be traditional glazed tile, tumbled tile or natural stone like travertine. Choose a neutral look or be a bit bolder by incorporating accent tiles with designs like traditional, handmade tiles from Italy. If you have a theme in your kitchen such as an item you collect or like, chances are there are tiles that will match.


In addition to all kinds of tile, you can also use granite tiles, glass tile or even mosaic designs that are inset into the backsplash. Choose from an ultra modern look, a theme or a vintage, classic style. Both tiles and natural stone look great with most countertop choices such as granite, Silestone or even tile.


Your home really is your castle. Live like a king (or queen!) with beautiful backsplash.