Step By Step Guide to Butcher Block Countertops


STEP 1: Pick A Wood

We work with all kinds of wood from exotic zebra wood and wenge to the standards like white
oak and hard maple. They each have their own natural coloring and texture.
STEP 2: Choose A Thickness
Thickness options from 1-1/4″ up to 5-1/2″ are available. When designing a top that’s larger a
thicker top is usually recommended but it all comes down to preference and budget.
STEP 3: Pick A Construction Style
Wide plank style is chosen to show off the wood’s grain and beauty.
Plank style refers to a piece of wood that is laid fl at.
You’ll see all the nuances of the wood and the wavy grain patterns.
This construction style should not be used as a chopping surface..
Edge grain is historically the choice for butcher block food prep
but also makes a beautiful countertop surface.
In this construction style the wood is laid on its edge, providing a surface with a linear appearance.
STEP 5: Pick A Sealer
Rubio Monocoat (Recommended For Kitchen Countertops)
• 100% VOC free. • Penetrating oil that protects from the inside. • Natural look.
• Soft and silky feel. • Water resistant (works great on tops with sinks). • Stain resistant.
• Needs re-applied once every 1-2 years depending on use.
• Safe for food contact and light chopping.
Varnish • Scratch resistant. • Extremely water resistant. 
• Extremely stain resistant.
• Little to no maintenance required. • Available in matte and satin sheen.
• Safe for food contact. • Can not cut on surface. • Slick, furniture like feel.
Mineral Oil / Butcher Block Wax • 100% food safe certified.
• Preserves the wood’s natural oils but provides little protection against water or other liquids.
• Ideal for counters designed to be cut on or butcher block tops.
• Not recommended for tops with sinks. • Not recommended for plank style top.
• Needs re-applied 5-6 times a year.
STEP 6: Pick An Edge Profile
Many Edge Profiles to choose from.


STEP 7: Call us/email us/ visits us for more information.

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