Why Silestone may be a perfect match for your kitchen

When people are considering remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, they are often surprised at the many unique products that are available for kitchen countertops. Unlike the old ceramic tile countertops found in the past, newer homes often have beautiful natural or manmade stone countertops. One of the most popular choices is Silestone, which is an engineered stone surface made from natural quartz and a type of resin.

There are a lot of reasons why people love this material and a wide range of different colors is one part of it. There are 60 different shades that range from soft neutrals to bold and dramatic solids. People can find creamy neutrals, or colors like pink, greens or blues, as well as black and many other shades. Many of these have designs and patterns that are identical in natural stone formations, thus making it hard to detect these are man-made. The ease of care that this product offers is another big reason for people to choose it instead of other countertop types such as granite. Silestone requires no sealing or polishing. It can be cleaned using very mild methods, usually a damp cloth. People often like the fact that this keeps unwanted chemicals out of their kitchens. It also has a built-in feature that resists bacteria and as well as a fairly long warranty.

Because Silestone combines the best of natural materials with modern technology, it is one of the longest lasting products people can choose. It can be used alone or with a custom tile backsplash such as one made from travertine or other attractive tiles. Like granite, it has a variety of different edge styles ranging from rounded to bull nose. It can be used anywhere that people might use granite and can be installed with inlay designs or other custom details.

People that are in the Raleigh area can find out more about this amazing product by visiting Tile Trenz, a family-owned business with its own design studio. This company specializes in all types of kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as many types of custom tile work. They also work with wood and do a lot of custom work for flooring. They can help people to get an amazing custom design for their homes kitchens, baths or flooring. Call them today to find out more about their great design services.


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